Eberspacher Heating repair


Why do we have the Car and Boat serviced at regular intervals but ignore the maintenance on our diesel Heating systems??

Is it because we are trying to save money on costly un-neccessary bills??

Ask anybody who has had eberspacher failure and needed replacement or repair, and they well tell you how costly it can be.  Worse still heaters never fail in the summer months. Leaving you stranded, cold and with a large bill!

Our heating technician can remove your heater, run it up on our test rig and perform full computer diagnostic. Carry out a service replacing all filters and gaskets and refit for only £240

We also can test failed heaters in situation and advise on the best course of action. Even if Full replacement is required, we will deliver our best (cheaper than dealer) prices.


“Many thanks for your prompt and very helpful reply to my cry for help.”

N/B Lady D  - Eberspacher breakdown